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Imagine your Staff focused on a 24 seater waka. No erase that, make that two 24 seater waka, travelling down a body of water, re-energised to work together to explore new environment that challenges any team structure, or individual!

Imagine that the waka is your organisation, the Kaihautu your CEO who provide leadership and a Kaiuruingi as your middle management who provides operational processes, and your Kaihoe all wanting their input and needing to be individuals.

Now the kaihautu needs to impart his vision and he must enlist management to keep his company moving forward. Both must provide the values of the company to workers who have their own interpretations and belief systems.

  • How does effective communication work?
  • Learns skill to communicate effectively
  • Keys to successfully achieving goal.

Watch the video to see the some of the transformation on the faces of participants.

The cultural aspect will be covered to bring awareness of core values based from Maori teachings to your organisation. Simplicity is the key to enlightenment and common sense is the vehicle.

RarangaCircleThe great bonus to these packages, are that we are mobile and are able to access water near most venues within the Rotorua district as we have over 13 lakes and waterways within our district.

We have a number of Team building packages that will match your professional development with a fun learning environment for your staff.

Strengthen Team-building, Problem-solving and Communication Skills

Whether you want to create a team-building opportunity, enhance problem-solving skills, focus on a communication issue within your group, or just get together for a fun day on board either of our two 24-seater waka.

We will tailor our programme to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Corporate challenge includes:

  • Two-hour Waka Experience
  • Half day (4hr) Package
  • Full Day (8hr) Package
  • Noho Marae (30hr) Packages (Friday to Sunday)

Packages quoted on request.

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