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Creating the opportunity for all people to experience Maori culture in the unique setting of a Maori waka”


Experience Health and wellbeing through Identity, Culture and language through Kaupapa Waka”


Toitoi manawa… Motivate, encourage, evoke and inspire”

Our passion is to offer an opportunity for Tangata whenua (People of the land) to reconnect using waka and whenua based activities to explore new possibilities to create resilient families and communities. 


The varieties of resources we have available are:

  • Waka Kopapa (single hull),
  • Waka Ama ranging from W6,W4 W3,W2 and W1(Outrigger)
  • Waka Tangata
  • Waka Hourua (Double Hull).

RarangaCircleWe offer facilitated workshops around team build, communication and leadership programmes targeted at all levels. Or we can just have fun workshops with Ta moko stencils, raranga, haka, waiata or rakau formation.

We can offer one on one personal transformation, through to groups, with a maximum of up to 60 students on water-based activities.

We are a Whanau based business set up for the purpose to create employment and long term sustainability. We have contributed to this Kaupapa for the past 14 years remaining loyal and true to the essence that is Kaupapa waka, and the empowerment of people.

Toitoi manawa… Motivate, encourage, evoke and inspire”

Memories that will last a Lifetime through experiencing Maori Culture

Explore and discover the region’s beautiful Moana (lakes) and Awa (rivers) aboard either Kahukura and Tieke, our specially designed 24 seat ‘waka tangata’ (people’s canoe) which have travelled throughout the rohe (surrounding areas) for many years.

Enjoy the warmth and hospitality of our crew as we share our passion for:

  • Paddling history and health lifestyles.
  • Listen to the fascinating stories of Polynesian migration
  • Māori Legends and local history.
  • Waiata (songs),
  • Waka chants and salutes.

Join us and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Quality Range of Adventures

We offer a range of packages, including the following:

  • Two-hour journey through to a four-hour experience for the more adventurous paddlers.
  • Visitor wanting the complete cultural package, try our Noho Marae stay package (Booking essential).
  • Packages can be tailored for corporate or educational requirements.
  • Accommodation and Other Activity Packages

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